Our Story

A couple years back, 2012 to be exact, I went trout fishing with my dad and a few of his best friends. Opening day of trout season is a tradition for my family that is very similar to opening day of buck season. The long wait, preparation, and anticipation of catching that 24″, 4 lb. palomino wall hanger was all we talked about in the days leading up to opening day. Well, this year the four of us fished for hours and hours with no luck whatsoever. All that built up anticipation we had quickly went to the “F” word…FRUSTRATED!! With no action, our frustration generated an interesting conversation between the four of us that I will never forget. Jokingly, we all agreed that the reason we weren’t catching any fish was because we didn’t have the right lures. We kept going back and forth trying to blame everything in nature but ourselves (because let’s be honest, we are fisherman and it’s impossible to be our fault!).  We started throwing out all sorts of different ideas until we decided that “all we really needed was a pretty girl in a bikini swimming through the water.” If only we had a lure like that we knew it would catch ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING; we would call it the “BOOBER!”

 So, that is where our story begins. We took that idea with us that day and over several years made our dream come to life. Using old lures, a dremel tool, and a hammer we started our journey. A conceptual “novelty” idea turned into an actual, very attractive and functioning lure. The “Boober” was awarded a patent and trademark in 2014 and Boober LLC was established in 2017.

Please join us and have fun. We can’t wait to hear your next Boober story!